Say Hi To Your Mom : Impeccable Blahs

Say Hi To Your Mom is a New York based band hailing from Brooklyn. Singer/songwriter Eric Elbogen released a few home recorded albums by this name before becoming a fully fledged band. 2006 sees the release of a great album named Impeccable Blahs. It’s the sort of an album you’d want to listen to with [...]

Classic Films: Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man

Dead Man has all the right ingredients to be an indie classic.
When it comes to modern classics I think Dead Man defines what it means to be a perfect film. Jim Jarmusch, Johnny Depp, a soundtrack by Neil Young and a faultless script. You can’t beat that.
We all know Jim Jarmusch for his great [...]

Will Blog Bands Stand the Test of Time?

Blogging the blogs 

So what is a blog band? It’s a band that gets hyped up by bloggers like myself. It tends to start out with one blogger ‘discovering’ them, and elevates to a massive drool fest over the Internet. This band usually sounds super cool, or has a sad underdog story, and for a short [...]

Plugging the Unsigned: Caveman–Homesick Video

Caveman has just released their new video on YouTube. Check it out, it’s a nice one. They’re on their way to L.A. soon, so watch out for them.

Bonus MP3’s:
Sinners Grove

Greatest “Last Tracks” on an Album

In our age of iPods, playlists and A.D.D. many album tracks often get neglected. I wanted to celebrate that final song on a great album that really sends you out with a smile on your face. This last track is a chance for artists to either break the norm or have the final word in [...]

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