Baxter Dury: Floorshow

I just discovered Baxter Dury’s album Floorshow. It isn’t exactly new, but I really think it deserves a shout.
Son of the late and legendary musician Ian Dury, Baxter crafted an amazing album that really takes you to the darkest and most fascinating regions of existence.
Some may perceive the album as a woeful tale of disintegrated [...]

Meet Bernard Shakey: A Look at Neil Young’s Filmography

Neil Young’s alter-ego Bernard Shakey, released a new CD\DVD on November 14th, called “Live at the Fillmore East”. Shakey Productions is responsible for all of Young’s films, and I think it’s time to have a closer look at Shakey’s illustrious film career.
As a side note, before we begin, Neil calls himself Shakey because he suffers [...]

We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter awards goes digital

Here at The Plugg we always like to keep an eye out for interesting services that can benefit musicians. Today we dig into We Are Listening.

I’ve been personally following for the past year. ‘We Are Listening’ is a singer/songwriter competition that takes place twice a year.  Artists submit their music for a $30 fee [...]

Do It Yourself: “The Fountain Remixed”

A while back I was surfing the net and stumbled upon the “Nine Inch Nails” web site. Quick tour and I discovered that their – back then – new single, “Only” is available not only for download but for remix. They actually let you download all the tracks separately so you can practice your music [...]

Is ‘The Class’ Becoming a 4-Trick Pony?

Truth be told, I’m a bit lost with ‘The Class’. I loved the sitcom from the get go, great cast, great sense of humor, but recently it’s become a bit overwhelming. More so, it seems that certain elements are starting to repeat themselves, maybe a little too much.

So, I’ve compiled a list of tricks used [...]

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