The Last Minute Best of 2006

A bit late, but I thought I’d contribute my two cents. Although my pretentious senses tingling all week, I decided that rather than trying to impress everyone with my ability to listen to badly recorded half assed folk, it’s best I just list what I actually listened to this year.
The Best

1. Cursive – Happy Hollow: The [...]

Loop De Loop: “The Walkmen” get drunk

The year was 1974 and John Lennon took a short break from his “loving” wife, Yoko Ono. Along with his friend Harry Nilsson they got into the habit of getting drunk as hell and being thrown out of nightclubs. In the midst of this era Lennon, Nilsson, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon and some other drunken [...]

“PLUG Independent Music Awards”

Since we’ve named our blog The Plugg it’s only fair that we talk about the biggest event of the independent music world “The Plug Music Awards”.
“The Plug Indie Music Awards” are a different breed of music awards. They pride themselves in being there for all those indie artists that the mainstream music industry has neglected [...]

Randall Shreve: The Cure For Yesterday

Randall Shreve spent most of his life playing in bands.  GS Megaphone was his most notable success in earlier years, led by his brother Benjamin Del Shreve.  After the band disbursed he began a project on his own while playing a short time in the Orlando, FL band Rook.   

It may have taken 2 years, but [...]

T-Shirts: “My Cup of T”

Well, ‘tis the season to be shopping, so I thought I’d do a quick round up of the “all time” favorite fashion necessity – The T-Shirt.
T-Shirts are the hottest trend lately. It all started back when man was created and he had to cover his body with a cool trendy garment that will make Eve [...]

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