The Weird and Wonderful Kate Nash: Caroline’s a Victim

Just caught this on MTV and figured I’d share it with the world (that’s what this whole blogging thing’s all about, isn’t it?).

From what I gathered Kate Nash is a 19 year old Londoner. Her band consists mainly of herself. She’s taking the anti-folk movement by storm…and I believe I’ve read something in the vain [...]

Movie Review: The Roost

Not Just Another Low Budget Vampire Zombie With Annoying Teenagers Movie
Remember when you were a kid how you thought you could turn into a vampire by being bitten by a vampire bat? I know, we were all so misinformed, weren’t we? Ann Rice conclusively proved that you have to be bitten either by a gay [...]

Secretly Canadian Cover Up

We are not in the business of regurgitating the news, but with an event like this it’s hard to resist, and I guess some of you might have missed this one.

As we’ve mentioned several times before, we’re big fans of the Secretly Canadian label, home of many spectacular artists such as David Vandervelde, Magnolia Electric [...]

On Being a BASKF: CELL and Going to the Wedding

I’m a BASKF, a Big-Ass Stephen King Fan, and before you go making the obvious crude jokes, I’ll bet you’re something of a BASKF yourself. Judging by my man Steve’s sales receipts, damn near every other person on the planet can lay claim to BASKF-dom.

“Well then,” you might ask, “if you’re such a BASKF why [...]

Hip Hop for the Indie Kids

I’m not a big fan of hip hop. I lost interest in the end of the 90’s when Gangsta Rap was introduced. Somehow, listening to a bunch of thugs yelling obscenities over elevator music just didn’t seem too appealing anymore.

And it’s not because I didn’t believe in rap music. I was glad to tune in [...]

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