Top Seven Tarantino Toys

Quentin Tarantino may be the coolest guy in the world to hang out with. But since that’s not going happen any time soon, here’s a quick round up of all the coolest Tarantino toys out there:
1. Tarantino’s new movie “Grindhouse” is coming out soon and you can already pre-order a set of action figures. Always [...]

Trouble Books: An Appeal

Dear Trouble Books,
A few days ago I stumbled upon your album “Distortion Pedal“. As I usually do, I stuck it in my playslist along with the other bands I have to listen to and went on about my business. A few hours later I found myself skipping all the other tunes just so I can [...]

A Guide to

Spotback have recently launched the ‘Spotback Music Project’. It’s a great project; they really seem to have mapped the best music news sites and blogs around. You can listen to MP3’s, read news about pop stars, alternative indie bands, music gear, electro music, industry and more. We, at The Plugg are proud to be featured [...]

And the Oscar Goes To…The World

Without a doubt the 2007 Oscar buzz word is diversity. It’s really good to see that Hollywood is slowly opening its doors and statues to some amazing foreign talent.
Check this out: three Mexican directors have nominated films, a British collection of remarkable women, Kate Winslet, Hellen Mirren and Judie Dench, Cate Blanchett representing Australia, Rinko [...]

Hannibal Rising: The Unthrilling Thriller

Thomas Harris had a good thing going in Hannibal Lecter. He must have known it, given the bad doctor’s increasing presence in Harris’ books. From supporting role in Red Dragon to co-star in Silence of the Lambs to title role in Hannibal, Hannibal Lecter was a rising star.

And, his story was great. Well, great until [...]

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