Book Review: Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys

It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised by a book. I have to admit that as far as my literary tastes go, Anansi Boys had nothing going for it in the beginning. For starters, I don’t like humorous books. I thoroughly enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, but hated Neverwhere so much; I vowed never to read [...]

Mika: Album Release Show at Gramercy Theater

It’s hard to be critical of a show that is so effortlessly fun. The album release gig at Gramercy Theater this past Thursday for the Godspell-reminiscent, mop-headed, 23 year old British break-out Mika, was modestly replete with balloon toting clowns, men on stilts and a ten minute encore that featured the band members in individualized [...]

Song of the Week - March 30

Every week each of our writers shares the song that made his week just a little bit brighter…
“April Fool” by Sharon Lewis
I had the pleasure of sharing a bill with the wonderful Sharon Lewis the other night. It was a somewhat stressful evening, by the end of which I wasn’t really up for listening [...]


It’s not like me, but a while back I bought a graphic novel I knew nothing about based on the strength of the cover alone. The book was titled The Marquis: Danse Macabre and featured a rather threatening image of a long faced and angry-evil man in a black cloak and tri-cornered hat. It held [...]

Air: “Pocket Symphony” – Easy To Pocket, Hard To Take With You

Returning to the light, electro-lounge textures that put them on the radar to begin with, Air’s Pocket Symphony finds Astralwerks minimalists Nicholas Godin and JB Dunckel veering away from the more explicitly dark, danceable, catchy-as-hell territory that punched out 10,000 Hertz Legend and Walkie Talkie. Instead, Godin and Dunkel go for subtlety unseen even by [...]

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