The Inbox: Shapes and Sizes, Minus Story, The Milestone Corp and The Clientele

Some really delicious emails have been hitting our inbox lately, and it’s about time we share them….

Shapes and Sizes
Asthmatic Kitty is set to release Shapes and Sizes’ second album Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner. The Canadian four-pieces has really upped the stakes with this new album, proving there’s more to their music then mere [...]

The First Million: Music Discovery Service to Watch For

In a press release dated the 24th April 2007, social music discovery service, iLike, announced one million registered users, twice the figure reported less than 30 days prior.

Boasting 200 million track plays a month, iLike, at barely six months of age, proves that third time’s a charm… Funded by Ticketmaster (IAC), Khosla Ventures, Bob [...]

Trailer: Run Fatboy Run

After perfecting his skills directing many ‘Friends‘ episodes and a made for TV movie, ‘Ross’ aka David Schwimmer is taking a crack at the big screen.
Run Fatboy Run, starring Simon Pegg, the guy from one of the funniest British TV shows ever, ‘Spaced‘ and currently starring ‘Hot Fuzz‘ is set to hit theatres this fall. [...]

Polyethylene: What Goes on Inside Houses

Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. That’s your run-of the mill rock song playing on your iPod as we speak. It’s a great formula, and you don’t need me to say it, it’s been working for many years now. But I have a feeling you’re here to experience something a little more challenging…Fair enough, have [...]

Song of the Week - April 27

Every week each of our writers shares the song that made his week just a little bit brighter…
This week’s guest is frequent commenter and all around great guy, Mozzer. You can recognize Mozz by his wicked cool Ray-Bans and striking resemblance to Steve Buscemi. His taste in music, and web sites, is unequaled. It’s possible [...]

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