I’m confused about the whole iPhone thing. It’s cool. It’s really pretty. It’s sleek, and fairly innovative. The cost is a bit high, but doable. The thing that gets me is the fact that to get an iPhone I will have to break my cell phone contract with my current [...]

DVD Trailer: Rock The Bells

Remember the Wu-Tang Clan?
Of course you do. So do filmmakers Denis Henry Hennelly and Casey Suchan who followed Chang Weisberg from Guerrilla Union productions through his quest to achieve the impossible mission of getting all ten members of the Clan on one stage for what would be remembered as the best reunion concert ever.
Check out [...]

Song of the Week - June 29

Every week each of our writers shares the song that made his week just a little bit brighter…
Inflatable Ape Pt. 3 by Fog
I listen to a lot of music. Some of it is awful, some of it is good. But it’s not often that I land upon a really great album that I keep [...]

Ladybirds – Regional Community Theater

Ladybirds is the “solo” effort of Tyler Pursel, the keyboardist from Gym Class Heroes. I use parentheses because though it may be his brainchild, the album brags more guest appearances than most hip-hop albums. Tyler brings aboard Max Bemis of Say Anything, and The Get Up Kids’ Matt Pryor for some [...]

My Letter to Copeland

This is the e-mail I sent the band Copeland after I recorded a song called Great Illusion:
I’m sure you guys are busy but I just wanted to tell you that I was inspired by your whole album but especially with the title track. So much so that I wrote some lyrics for it and reworked [...]

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