The Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra

In a truly overzealous gesture of elevating the somewhat strange to the wholly ridiculous, Professor B. Miller has completed a 4 disc, mega-release of his minimalist, robot-lead compositions under the name Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra. Combining Adult Swim style set-ups (with songs like Cheap Trapeze Lessons, I Stole Your Daddies Time Machine and Haunted Rental [...]

The Snake the Cross the Crown: Cotton Teeth

I just got the new album from Alt Americana folk rock band, The Snake The Cross The Crown.
I begun searching the internet to get to know the band a little better and see how I can give them a proper Plugg. Turns out they are represented by Equal Vision Records, which I should probably review [...]

Who Should Win the Mercury Prize?

The nominees for the Mercury Prize were announced last week. As Rusty would say, huh?
Well, The Mercury Prize is chosen once a year by a panel of esteemed music industry types and journalists to award the best in British Music. Think ‘The Weakest Link’ but with bands. One act wins the prize while the others [...]

Cloverfield Movie Update

At Thursday’s Comic Con panel, JJ Abrams unveiled the official movie poster for the much ballyhooed 01-18-08 (aka Cloverfield) movie. Simplistic in design, the poster depicts a decapitated Statue of Liberty against a smoldering Manhattan as a backdrop. Cinephiles and Sci-Fi buffs alike were also waiting for the movie’s title to be revealed. [...]

Rialto Revives Cinema Greats

Looks like Rialto Pictures is taking charge of reviving, restoring, re-marketing, and re-distributing some cinema greats from years’ past – Army of Shadows, Eyes Without a Face, Mafioso, The Battle of Algiers, The Third Man, and a host of others by renowned filmmakers like Jean-Luc Godard and Federico Fellini.
Army of Shadows, made in 1969, won [...]

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