13 Lesser Known Horror Films

I originally set out to make a list of the 10 scariest movies, but when I finished, I decided there was no need. After all, do you really need me to tell you that The Exorcist, Night Of The Living Dead and Halloween are scary movies? The most frightening movies are well known, and generally [...]

Horror Briefs: Ulli Lommel

I just watched a movie called “Diary of a Cannibal” and I want you to remember this name: Ulli Lommel.
Why? This movie, shot on a home video camera with a script that was probably written on the back of an envelope had me wanting to actually bless my fast forward button. Diary consists of bad [...]

The Plugg Presents: Podcast #2

We’ve skipped Song of the Week last Friday in order to present you with PODCAST #2! This one is bigger and better than its predecessor, and fully enhanced. Make sure you download it right away! We highly recommed using iTunes 4.9 or higher to supply yourself with the best and most optimized [...]

The Story of Astra Heights

I had a little email chat with Mark V. Morales from a band called Astra Heights. Here’s a story about a small band and a major label. See what you can make of it.
Astra Heights has been together for over 7 years, released two EPs on their own, and on Sept. 2005 got signed to [...]

Trent Renzor and Saul Williams Follow Radiohead

The Plugg was fast to report on Radiohead’s last release being given to fans on an “as much as you feel” basis. There were some waves to be made with that announcement. As many people speculated, it has been reported that Trent Reznor is jumping on the bandwagon. Interestingly though, this will [...]

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