The Inbox: The Mabuses, Marco Mahler, Trolleyvox and I Concur

Time to share some of the exciting acts that have been hitting our inbox…

The Mabuses
I’ve been meaning to write about this wonderful band for a while now. Luckily for them, their PR company is doing a good job and won’t stop nagging us (rightfully so). Except for having the best band website in existence, their [...]

Trailer: Teeth

Recently, a coworker forwarded me the below clip from YouTube. She then followed me into my office to make me watch it. What followed was perhaps one of the most disturbing things a man could imagine. I haven’t heard a lot of hype on this one yet, but am quite curious to [...]

Film Review: Stephen King’s The Mist

Having read the Stephen King novella this movie is based on, and having bought and actually listened to the “3-D Sound” audio version of the story (hyped as a “miracle”, but actually just a bit of radio theater), I was well versed, and re-versed (Ha! “re-versed”) on the story Frank Darabont’s Stephen King’s The Mist [...]

The Romantics Vs. Guitar Hero

As you all probably know, 80’s rockers The Romantics have decided to sue Activision (makers of Guitar Hero) for its cover of “What I Like About You”. They claim that the cover sounds too much like them and infringes on their rights as a band. Just how identical is the video game version? [...]

Song of the Week - November 23

Every other week each of our writers shares the song that made his/her week just a little bit brighter.
U-Turn (Lili) by AaRON
I’ve been listening to AaRON’s debut album, Artificial Animal Riding on Neverland, for the past week. This track was featured on the film, Je Vais Bien, Ne T’en Fais Pas, and from what [...]

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