Guilt By Association 2

Engine Room Recordings has released a great follow up to last’s year’s Guilt by Association. A collection of great covers to…erm…cheesy songs. Included this time around are My Brightest Diamond, Frightened Rabbit and my personal favorites Lowry.
They’ve made this great player available on their MySpace page, so here it is for your enjoyment:

If you’re in [...]

Big Chad Famous

I was in Atlanta recently for a concert and a guy was walking around passing out a thing of CDs. Honestly, I thought he was handing out the same stack of CD’s I was for another band, and denied him. He said, “No, this is MY CD” And I realized he was [...]

Musicians On Twitter You Should Follow, And Some To Ignore

[Originally posted on Each Note Secure]
You will have to pardon this brief derail from the latest and greatest new music around as we take a peek into one of our newest obsessions, Twitter. I know, old new right? Well, whether you are an early adopter or a longtime “tweeter” if you use it, [...]

Pistol Youth - In My Eyes

This is perhaps better than the Weezer “Buddy Holly Video”.  Scratch that.  It IS better!

Randall Shreve - The Entertainer

Last we left with Randall Shreve he had a pretty amazing pop record with a bit of a conceptual feel to it. He’s back. This time the concept ideal is still in play, but he brings the level up a few notches by making it a vaudvillean, circus side-show, old Hollywood feel? [...]

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