The Curse Of Pablo Picasso

Does anyone remember Jonathan Richman? And none of you musiciany types count. And, neither do any old farts like me who were around back in the day and are currently huffing and puffing about how great it was back when music was good, the world was young and they could have sex without the aid [...]

Rusty’s Pandora Box: 2009 Kicks Off with Amazing Albums

Here’s a round up of all the great music and new albums I’ve been listening to this past month. I’ll keep the wording short and the music long.
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De Rosa - Stillness
Album: Prevention

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Glasgow based [...]

Alternative Love Songs 2009

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[Alternative Love Songs 2008]

It seems that on our third year we have ourselves a bona fide tradition. So here it is, a bunch of great songs about love that won’t make you cringe…
Lykke Li – Little Bit
This song is sweet, exotic, and not too poppy.  This is one of the few [...]

Jealousy in Three Acts

I’ve been making a “best of the 2000’s” set of CDs for my brother’s wife and ended up with a large handful of sunny sounding alternative (or alternative-ish) pop songs whose lyrics were anything but. At the same time I received an e-mail from Kendal asking me what I knew about rock operas and the [...]

Finally, a Reason to Buy a CD

It was obvious to me from the first time I heard P.O.S. that he was looking to push the boundaries of his artistry. The cover for his new album “Never Better” is just further proof. This is definitely making my “Favorite Album Covers of 2009″ list.
You can also build your own cover art panels at [...]