Song of the Week - March 27

Every once in a while each of our writers (and esteemed guests) shares the song that made his week just a little bit brighter. Our honoured guest this week is Ryan from Ryan’s Smashing Life.

Lee H
Nickel Eye - Brandy of the Damned  (Mark Ronson Remix) (feat. Wale)
Nickel Eye is the side project of [...]

Rusty’s Pandora Box: Best of March 2009

2009 is turning out to be a really interesting year for indie music, even through the industry is taking hits left and right and it seems like every other day they close down a label or online service. Maybe it’s just me but it seems there is tons of great music suddenly.
Here goes part II [...]

Mike Posner and the Brain Trust

Poking around recently we stumbled onto Mike Posner and the Braintrust out of Southfield, Michigan, a Detroit Suburb. Twenty year-old Mike Posner of Southfield, Michigan, first surfaced as a vocalist at the age of seventeen when he was featured several times on Detroit’s 102.7 FM. As the brainchild behind some of Big Sean’s [...]

Get the New Cursive Album Before it’s Too Late!

Now that I have  your attention, here’s the deal: Saddle Creek is pre-selling the new Cursive Album (digital version)  for the low low price of $3. It started on Sunday when the album was priced at 1 buck and as the days progress the price is raised by one dollar. This means that by next [...]