Projekt A-Ko

In the end of the 90s if your band’s name wasn’t “Radiohead” and you resided in the UK, most chances were that you were busy producing pale Beatles or Stones imitations and receiving high praise from publications that should have known better. Over at Scotland exceptions were being made to the rule. One band in [...]

Evidence We Live In An Uncaring Universe

Pearl Woods was 28 years old and recording with Little Richard’s backup band The Upsetters. She could sing as well as any Motown star, with soul and feeling, and Sipping Sorrow was a great catchy number. This was her ticket, now the world would know her name, and her talent.
Sipping Sorrow was released in 1961 [...]

How Bert Jansch Has Ruined My Life (Or The Day My Bass Guitar Almost Died)

[Originally posted on Jemsite]
It was a cold morning in Camden Market, when I entered a local CD shop and browsed through the shelves and the CDs on the display. The year was 2003. I left my homeland Israel to live in London for some time, and to see what life would bring me.
I had a [...]

Sonic Youth - New Track!

Matador records has just made available a spanking new track by Sonic Youth. It’s as good as anything SY has ever done. The guys have also added Mark Ibold (Pavement) on bass, making the upcoming album ‘The Eternal’ even more promising.
Sonic Youth - Sacred Trickster

Sonic Youth has also anounced a secret gig in the UK [...]

One Eyed Monster Trailer (NSFW)

If you haven’t seen this trailer yet (or heard of the movie), I won’t spoil it for you. All you have to know is that it’s not really safe for work, and that the premise is…well….I’ll let you decide for yourself…
One Eyed Monster Trailer

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