Change We Can Believe In – Matt Morris

Matt Morris was recently signed to Justin Timberlake’s Tennman label. The two met long ago in the early 1990s on “The All New Mickey Mouse Club.” Depending on who you are that might not be the best way to introduce you to him but don’t let that sway you  one way or the other. Consider [...]

New Band - Table

These days it’s quite hard to find a new British band that doesn’t sound like an 80s tribute act. Luckily Manchester 6 piece band, Table are giving the Brits a fighting chance. With touching songs and haunting arrangments, these guys hold great promise.
Their debut single is out now and it’s accompanied by a beautiful video.
Table [...]

More Ludacris Rock Remixes Available

Looks like Sony Producer Igloo is still at it.  Last we mentioned we had a track available.  Now there are 4.  In the humble opinion of this writer, they are even better than the original.  He’s been getting a little attention for this, and it’s well deserved… completely original rock tracks underneath Ludacris’s rhymes brings [...]

OK Let’s GO.

OK GO are set to release their upcoming 2010 Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky out on January 12th, next week. I remember when they released the awesome treadmill video from the 2005 Oh No album. I knew then we were set to see more innovative videos from them in the future.
So here’s a [...]