Girl Friends

Hello, Hello,
I have some very exciting news I need to share with you.  My debut novel Girl Friends is officially for sale and available for purchase at the site. You can browse the book and read the first couple of chapters before you purchase it. I’ve made a little YouTube commercial for it. Nothing [...]

Book Review: Crecy

There. I said it. If it bothers you, by all means stay away from Warren Ellis’ highly entertaining graphic novel Crecy.
Best known for the sci-fi noir comic Transmetropolitain, this time Ellis takes you on a first hand journey through England’s 1346 invasion of France. The book is named after the battle (named after the town) [...]

Annie Leibovitz: A Rock N’ Roll Photographer

I’m a big fan of music photography. I love buying these hundred dollar coffee table books and looking through some of music’s best moments. One of my favorite photographers is Annie Leibovitz.
Annie missed out on the sixties, with Woodstock and the entire hippie scene but she did manage to capture some of the more “pop” [...]

Pulp-Fiction Podcasts: The Simple Joy of A Tale Well Told

Back in the day, (and by that I mean several thousand years ago) there were no books, and no movies; no pulp fiction, no literature, no drama, or horror, or romance. There were only people to listen and stories to be told. The single greatest thing about recorded stories is how they embrace this basic [...]

Ten Books I’d Make into Movies If I Had a Skijillion Dollars

I’m willing to bet at one point you’ve finished reading a book and thought. “Man, if I had a spare two hundred and fifty million lying around I’d make this into a movie faster than you could say ‘Yeah, that’ll be the day’.” In fact, if you read as much as I do you probably [...]

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