Favorite Album Covers of 2008

I gave up on CDs a long time ago. Yes, I do miss reading liner notes as well as the feeling I got from flipping through CD’s at Towers (R.I.P.) but I don’t miss paying $20 for what would probably become a shiny new coaster. I also don’t miss trying to pack up my entire [...]

25 Years - Where’d it Go? A rant…

So last night the MTV VMA’s hit the fine old age of 25 years. 25 years of a lot of very cool moments, and some silly ones too. I will say that normally at that age, there is a lot of reason to celebrate, that’s a long life for a lot of [...]

Favorite Album Covers of 2007

In the age of downloadable music I think cover art has unfairly taken a back seat. (I also think hype has taken a back seat to good music but that’s another post for another time.) When I was a kid I used to love thumbing through my dad’s records looking at the covers and imagining [...]

Top 10 Gig Posters 2007

One year ago right after we launched The Plugg I wrote about my favorite hobby of collecting Gig Posters and it turned out to be a very successful post. So, I’ve decided to follow up and see what’s new in the indie art world.
Gig Posters are now one of the most popular art forms of [...]

Annie Leibovitz: A Rock N’ Roll Photographer

I’m a big fan of music photography. I love buying these hundred dollar coffee table books and looking through some of music’s best moments. One of my favorite photographers is Annie Leibovitz.
Annie missed out on the sixties, with Woodstock and the entire hippie scene but she did manage to capture some of the more “pop” [...]

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