Musicians On Twitter You Should Follow, And Some To Ignore

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You will have to pardon this brief derail from the latest and greatest new music around as we take a peek into one of our newest obsessions, Twitter. I know, old new right? Well, whether you are an early adopter or a longtime “tweeter” if you use it, [...]

The Funniest Crap I’ve Seen in a Long Time

Trojan and MTV pair up to fight STD’s

Every year in the U.S. there are 19 million new cases of STDs! That’s roughly the population of New York State…
In order to help this trend Trojan Condoms & MTV have just started a program called “Evolve One Evolve All”. The aim is to help people gain more awareness about sexual diseases and become [...]

Hearts and Darkness - The Justin Fornal Guerilla Subterranean Interview

In Pursuit of the Baron Ambrosia Part 1
Bronx Canzo: The Continued Quest for Baron Ambrosia Part 2
Sometime in the middle of June, filmmaker/guerilla travelogue Justin Fornal sent me an email saying he was headed to Monrovia, Liberia to premiere his exploitative, underground gonzo-political epic Canzo Empyrean. Justin and I were curious acquaintances, guarded, monthly informants [...]

Robots Playing Music

I was digging around recently after seeing a little blurb about robots playing music on a news channel. Little did I know there is more out there than I suspected. Check this stuff out!
Guitar Bot - EmergencyBOT TV Theme

Unamed Robot - Dust in the Wind

Duet of Drums and Guitar

Fast Blue Air - Number [...]

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