Blur - No Distance Left To Run - The Documentary

The trailer for the Blur reunion documentary “No Distance Left To Run” has hit the web. I’m actually more excited about this than the actual reunion tour (which I’ve missed). Not a lot of info on this film yet, but according to the trailer it’s out January 2010. Hopefully this will help nudge the guys [...]

One Eyed Monster Trailer (NSFW)

If you haven’t seen this trailer yet (or heard of the movie), I won’t spoil it for you. All you have to know is that it’s not really safe for work, and that the premise is…well….I’ll let you decide for yourself…
One Eyed Monster Trailer

The Boxing Lesson - “Dark Side of the Moog” Video

Besides a really cool name for a song, The Boxing Lesson have crafted a very cool animated video for “Dark Side of the Moog” off of their album Wild Streaks & Windy Days. Check this out. It’s a great mix of space rock and psychadelia.

Hearts and Darkness - The Justin Fornal Guerilla Subterranean Interview

In Pursuit of the Baron Ambrosia Part 1
Bronx Canzo: The Continued Quest for Baron Ambrosia Part 2
Sometime in the middle of June, filmmaker/guerilla travelogue Justin Fornal sent me an email saying he was headed to Monrovia, Liberia to premiere his exploitative, underground gonzo-political epic Canzo Empyrean. Justin and I were curious acquaintances, guarded, monthly informants [...]

HELL’S GROUND: The Best Pakistani Horror Film I’ve Ever Seen

When you watch enough horror films (some may even say too many horror films, but what do they know) you will eventually find yourself honing in on some pretty exotic hybridizations. We all grub about, clamouring for the new, seeking something we haven’t already seen. Even though what we usually end up finding isn’t really [...]

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