Fatima Al Qadri Nails the Perfect Nothing Compares 2U Cover (in Chinese?!)

Meet Fatima Al Qadri and experiemental electornic artist. Everyone has been raving about her new album Asiatisch. It weird and wonderful.
Fatima seems to be  from all over the place - Born in Senegal, she spent her childhood in Kuwait  and is Brooklyn based now after spending a lot of time in London. Shes an extraordinary [...]

Trouble Books - Gathered Tones

Listening to a Trouble Books song is like asking a genius child with A.D.D. to describe his day.
It usually starts off as a pretty cohesive tale. There’s a plot, some structure and everything you’d expect from a great story. It may then just stop abruptly, but more often than not, it takes an unexpected turn [...]

Naama Hillman – New Album, Live Webcast

Plugg favorite Naama Hillman is doing an internet only pre-launch of her new album ‘Mid Air’. To celebrate this momentous occasion the London based songstress is putting on a live Webcast on Sunday the 21st of February. For more details, head right here.
Naama Hillman – Let’s Go Out Tonight

On top of that, a three song [...]

Change We Can Believe In – Matt Morris

Matt Morris was recently signed to Justin Timberlake’s Tennman label. The two met long ago in the early 1990s on “The All New Mickey Mouse Club.” Depending on who you are that might not be the best way to introduce you to him but don’t let that sway you  one way or the other. Consider [...]

New Band - Table

These days it’s quite hard to find a new British band that doesn’t sound like an 80s tribute act. Luckily Manchester 6 piece band, Table are giving the Brits a fighting chance. With touching songs and haunting arrangments, these guys hold great promise.
Their debut single is out now and it’s accompanied by a beautiful video.
Table [...]

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