Musicians On Twitter You Should Follow, And Some To Ignore

[Originally posted on Each Note Secure]
You will have to pardon this brief derail from the latest and greatest new music around as we take a peek into one of our newest obsessions, Twitter. I know, old new right? Well, whether you are an early adopter or a longtime “tweeter” if you use it, [...]

What is Ludacris up to ???

Ok, this is NOT an exclusive, but I am willing to bet that The Plugg will be the first to report this. Ludacris’s new Album Theater of the Mind came out this past week. Almost concurrently, we were tipped off on some interesting news about the video below. The guy in front [...]

25 Years - Where’d it Go? A rant…

So last night the MTV VMA’s hit the fine old age of 25 years. 25 years of a lot of very cool moments, and some silly ones too. I will say that normally at that age, there is a lot of reason to celebrate, that’s a long life for a lot of [...]

Robots Playing Music

I was digging around recently after seeing a little blurb about robots playing music on a news channel. Little did I know there is more out there than I suspected. Check this stuff out!
Guitar Bot - EmergencyBOT TV Theme

Unamed Robot - Dust in the Wind

Duet of Drums and Guitar

Fast Blue Air - Number [...]

The Trouble with MP3 Players

I’m a big music enthusiast and have naturally gone through many MP3 players through the years. Ever since the format came out I’ve always had some sort of gadget that is able to play MP3’s. In fact the only reason I buy CD’s is so I can feel I’ve paid my dues to the music [...]

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