New Smashing Pumpkins Finally Leaked

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Smashing Pumpkins

For those of you that have been eagerly checking the blogsphere for the new Smashing Pumpkins single to leak, the wait is over. The first single, Tarantula was played on Deaf Indie Elephants and is now available for preview.
The long awaited album, Zeitgeist, is out July 10th. I can’t wait, it’s up to Billy and the gang to give us hope of melodic kick ass tunes once again.
While we’re on the subject, all you Billy Corgan fans can rest your anticipation as well as the new Scorpions single featuring Billy has been leaked too.

Smashing Pumpkins - Tarantula

Scorpions feat Billy Corgan - The Cross

Thanks to the Idolator blog for leaking these great tracks!

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Posted on May 19, 2007


8 Responses to “New Smashing Pumpkins Finally Leaked”

  1. Giovanna on May 19th, 2007 4:47 am

    Hmm, “Tarantula”! The perfect recipe for any juicy kickass track: sharp guitars and Billy’s voice shouting loud over an intercom… :D

    I can sense a metal tide coming! *horns up*

  2. Ryan of the RSL Weblog on May 19th, 2007 8:07 am

    I am not the world’s biggest fan - but the guy is a huge musical talent. Good to see Billy Corgan back.

    I thought the Scorpions died in a German plane crash. Where have they been>??> Not sure about that one.

  3. Lynn on May 19th, 2007 12:03 pm

    I loved the song the words and meant something to me. And I loved the Music too…

  4. Charbarred on May 19th, 2007 12:38 pm

    How awesome to get back from vacation and get such great news!
    It’s a proper Pumpkins song as well, I love it. So great to have Corgan back (and not doing 80’s electronic stuff) :-)

  5. baron on May 19th, 2007 11:28 pm

    I like the Scorpion song too!

  6. Drew on May 20th, 2007 11:53 am

    Wow, this sucks. Dead bands should stay dead, i got my fill of alice in chains style bullshit in the 90’s

  7. mozzer on May 21st, 2007 6:50 am

    SP track kicks ass. :) Scorpions track, not so much. Thanks for the preview rusty!

  8. Smashing Pumpkins - Tarantula | MUSIC RUST on May 26th, 2007 5:55 am

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