Shitake Monkey: Dance Sucka!

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Electro-Alternative vibes from NYC
Shitake Monkey

Digging up information about Shitake Monkey proved to be quite a challenge. Their web site is one of the most cryptic sites I’ve ever had the pleasure of decoding. Their MySpace page is no better, but Google is worth billions for a reason…Ladies and Gentlemen I have the facts!
What sounds like a bunch of cool guys exploring the various facets of electronica, is in fact a bunch of well oiled producers who gathered to rock our world in 2007. OK, so they’ve dabbled in some great evils like Jennifer Lopez and Brian McKnight, but let’s put it aside for a minute and face the music…
Shitake Monkey are about to unleash their debut album ‘Street Beef’, which is a mixture of just about every imaginable genre. They are not afraid to combine disco and indie with awesome harmonies. One second you’re in a modern nightclub, and the next you are back in the 60’s listening to straight up soul (with a pinch of laughter for good measure).
So if a blend of Beck, The Rapture and the Beach Boys sounds about right for you- head over to their site and start exploring.

If you’re lazy, the music is here.
The vids (with a trailer to their album, no less) are here,
and good old MySpace is here.

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Posted on November 22, 2006


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